Daily Archives: April 10, 2022

Speed is of essence. Fast delivery has become an essential asset to have in the current ecommerce competition. In today’s market, fastest courier services are the need of the hour.  Whether it's for retail stores, businesses needing B2B deliveries, or an individual ordering from a eCommerce site, courier services are the solution.

The world of eCommerce holds great promise for small businesses. And meesho has turned out to be the most popular and successful example for it.

Meesho is a renowned e-commerce platform that popularised the concept of social media marketing. And now, over a million resellers are part of Meesho's seller panel. Meesho sells well-known catalogues of home, clothing, culinary, and other lifestyle products.

Amazon is a huge e-commerce platform for buying and selling products. Currently, It is a leading company in the e-commerce industry. Do you know the number of packages amazon ships per day? 1.6 million packages per day! Yes, that's incredible. This brings down to 66 thousand orders per hour.

But how does Amazon ship so many orders?  Does it own thousands of vehicles? No! Here is the answer.
In 2015, Amazon came up with a concept called ’Amazon Logistics’. Under the concept of Amazon logistics, Amazon works on a contractual basis with other shipping service providers.

Amazon, as we all know, is a great platform for selling products. The site allows you to sell products directly to the customers. Assume a customer is looking for a product similar to your. the Amazon algorithm then makes it simple for customers to find your product if it meets their needs.

If you want to sell on Amazon, we've got some tricks and tips that will help your product to stand out among others and sell more. We'll go over them in greater detail in this blog.