Top 8 Cheapest Courier Services in Delhi for Your E-commerce Business

Shopping for our essentials online has become quite popular all over the world. In recent years, the e-commerce industry has advanced significantly, allowing us to purchase products and goods without having to physically visit stores.

As a result, the demand for courier services has never been greater, thanks to the rise of eCommerce. Many businesses have started to use logistics platforms to deliver their products to their customers.

For e-commerce sellers who are looking for the cheapest courier services in Delhi, this blog will provide you with everything you need to know.

Moreover, to make sure that the promise of executing safe and prompt delivery is done at the highest standard, some of the cheapest courier services in Delhi have been listed here for your reference.

Cheapest courier services in Delhi: Blue Dart

Bluedart is a courier service company that has its headquarters in Mumbai. It offers fast, secure services at extremely competitive price rates.

Above all, Bluedart’s reputation for providing high-quality services and ensuring customer satisfaction has helped it gain popularity among end-users.

With over 35000 locations across the country, Bluedart is one of the best courier services in Delhi.

Features of Blue Dart –

  • Comes with domestic as well as international shipping.
  • Products are delivered to your door.
  • The delivery time usually takes 4 to 5 days.
  • Real-time information is provided on the status of the shipment at every stage of the delivery process.
  •  Blue Dart is economical and offers cost-effective solutions in terms of logistics.

Cheapest courier services in Delhi: XpressBees

cheapest courier services in delhi

XpressBees is one of the best options for e-commerce vendors across the country, with a nationwide network of over 13000 pin codes.

Features of XpressBees –

  • XpressBees provides several alternative options for pickup.
  • Only comes with domestic services.
  • Known for excellent warehousing services.
  • Shipping is available throughout India.

Cheapest courier services in Delhi: Delhivery

Delhivery is a reliable courier partner who can handle domestic shipments quickly. Furthermore, this shipping company handles over 9000 shipments per day and serves up to 2300 cities.

Features of Delhivery –

  • Comes with same-day and next-day delivery services.
  • Customers can choose from a variety of time-based delivery options to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.
  • They provide an array of services which include technological services, freight, transportation of packages, and much more.

Cheapest courier services in Delhi: FedEx

FedEx offers e-commerce sellers shipping services that are reasonably priced and safe.

They operate in over 220 countries around the world, providing excellent, low-cost services. Moreover, high-value shipments and lightweight articles are managed and handled professionally when it comes to cross-border shipping.

Features of FedEx –

  • FedEx handles multiple shipments easily.
  • You can fulfill shipping requirements in a speedy manner.
  • Domestic deliveries come with the option of having same-day delivery.
  • In addition to offering freight services, they also have an option for tracking packages that are being sent and delivered.
  • Delivers orders both domestically and internationally.

Cheapest courier services in Delhi: India Post


India Post is one such courier service that has provided us with shipping services for over 150 years. You can avail the most affordable services along with tons of other intriguing delivery possibilities offered to customers.

India Post is a government authorized courier partner and this is a great option if you are not looking for private services.

Features of India Post Service –

  • There is a facility that allows for 24 hours booking at your personal convenience.
  • Pick-up is completely free with India Post Service.
  • There is an option to book now and pay later on the website.
  • You can use SMS to view the delivery information and details.
  • You have access to the internet-based system for tracking and tracing the package.

Cheapest courier services in Delhi: DTDC

DTDC is an e-commerce courier service that has received lots of positive feedback. Most importantly, it comes with exclusive features and offers a set standard of shipping with high quality.

Globally widespread and domestically branded as well, DTDC strives to distinguish itself from its competitors by offering affordable, competitive pricing.

Features of DTDC –

  • The services come with several value-added prospects.
  • DTDC provides reliability as it traces and tracks the consignment with the end goal being delivery commitment.
  • Intra-city delivery options are available if necessary.
  • DTDC takes care of the shipments on a domestic level.


ecommerce in india


Cheapest courier services in Delhi: Ecom Express

Ecom Express is a leading courier company that uses automated solutions to provide safe delivery services across the country. With an emphasis on high speed and ensuring reliability, certainly, Ecom Express has become one of the top logistics solution providers out there.

Features of Ecom Express –

  • This is one of the cheapest courier services which deals with over 2600 cities.
  • Ecom Express serves most of the remote locations present in the country.
  • It takes care of domestic shipments.
  • First-mile pickup and last-mile delivery options are available.

Cheapest courier services in Delhi: Parceldeck

cheapest courier services in delhi

Parceldeck is one of the cheapest courier services that is swiftly climbing to the top of the ranks. With constant growth and highly efficient services, it has proved itself to be one of the quickest courier delivery services available in India.

Access is available to over 27000 pin codes and cost-effective services are provided to customers.

Features of Parceldeck –

  • Parceldeck provides you with access to several courier partners and you can easily compare and select the best option based on your requirements.
  • Small and medium scale businesses are the best pick to avail of Parceldeck’s services as it is a great e-commerce platform.
  • It requires no subscriptions and finds the most cost-effective shipping solution for you.
  • Multi-location pick-up and delivery services are quick and performed in a timely manner.
  • A real-time tracking system is available to keep track of the status of the delivery.


To sum up, the cheapest courier services in Delhi have been provided here for you based on speed, time, and many other distinguishing features. Ultimately your personal requirements will result in you choosing the most suitable option for you.

The information given here will help you make an informed decision on which courier service to go with when it comes to your e-commerce business. In addition, If you want to know more about courier services, check out the blog, “10 Fastest Courier Services Companies in India