What is ‘Amazon Selected Self-Ship’ and How Can Parceldeck Help You Get Started?

Amazon has grown to be one of the most powerful and well-respected corporations in the world of technology. With its fulfillment model, Amazon has around 9.7 million global sellers selling its product. But if you’re a new seller seeking fulfillment choices, Amazon Selected Self-Ship is the best option for you.

Amazon uses four fulfillment models: FBA, Self-Ship, Easy-Ship, and Selected Self-Ship. We explored these in our earlier blog “How to Sell on Amazon.” You can check out that blog for more information.

Selected Self-Ship is an idea that Amazon recently announced. Let’s take a look at what Amazon selected self-ship is and how Parceldeck can assist you to use it.

What is Amazon Selected self-ship?

 Amazon Selected Self ship

In the Amazon Selected Self-Ship program, you can choose to have Amazon Easy-Ship fulfill a portion of your eCommerce orders while Self-Ship fulfills the rest.

You can choose which areas and pin codes you wish to fulfill orders directly, and you can use Amazon Easy-Ship for the rest.

You won’t be obligated to use Easy-Ship services, and you’ll be allowed to cancel orders if Amazon’s logistics network is unavailable. You can benefit from both models without having to choose between them.

Many sellers are confused by the difference between Amazon selected self-ship and Amazon Self ship. So, to help you all understand this concept better, here is a basic distinction.

Difference between Amazon Selected Self-Ship and Amazon Self-Ship?

Amazon Self-Ship allows you to deliver all of your products using your own logistics network. You won’t be able to collect COD orders in this instance, and you’ll have to process returns yourself.

On the other hand, Amazon Selected Self-Ship allows you to opt to send products yourself only to certain pin codes. The remainder can be delivered with Easy-Ship.

Amazon Selected Self Ship

This allows you to pick up COD orders wherever they are needed and handle returns via Amazon’s logistics network.

Amazon Selected Self-Ship is a blend of Self-Ship and Easy-Ship, whereas Amazon Self-Ship is an independent shipping method.

Moving ahead to the real deal now, how can Parceldeck help you in all this process and why should you choose us.

How Can Parceldeck Help You with Self-Ship Orders?

Amazon has a well-developed logistics network, yet it costs nearly twice as much as shipping aggregators. However, you must ship with a solution that gives a comparable Pincode experience, high Pincode reachability and is cost-effective.

If your products do not arrive on time and you spend too much on shipping services through Amazon, it will have a direct impact on your business.

Your product and delivery feedback will reflect whether some of their experience was positive or negative. This could affect your sales and the decisions of people who want to buy your products.

As a result, you’ll need an aggregator like Parceldeck to connect with your customers and help you deliver parcels on time at affordable prices.

Let’s take a look at how this can be achieved.

How Can Parceldeck Help Improve Your Amazon Selected Self-Ship Delivery Experience?

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Following are the ways in which we can be of assistance to you:

  • Most affordable Aggregator

Any company that wants to ship its products needs to use a cost-effective aggregator. When it comes to the best prices, you can’t go wrong with Parceldeck.

With rates starting roughly at Rs. 18/500 grams, you may save money on shipping while also giving your consumers a pleasant Amazon delivery experience.

  • Global Reach

The second advantage of using Parceldeck to ship your Selected Self-Ship orders is the extensive pin code coverage. With us, you can ship to over 27,000+ pin codes in India.

Thus, Parceldeck is a great alternative to Amazon if its logistics network does not cover a specific pin code.

  • Stable Base

Parceldeck provides you with a dashboard after you register on our website, which allows you to sync incoming orders with your shipping platform and process them there.

You can also process a large number of orders at once. To process your shipping, you won’t have to waste time individually adding each product to your dashboard.

You can download the label, invoice, and other papers with just a few clicks after adding the necessary information about the goods.

  • Several Courier Partners

The availability of different courier partners is the most advantageous component of shipping with Parceldeck. We have more than 25+ courier partners including DTDC, Delhivery, FedEx, Xpressbees, and Bluedart.

We offer a variety of services with the option of selecting a courier partner, such as the convenience of delivery services during festivals. You can choose from a variety of shipping options and get the best costs.

  • Overseas Deliveries

We parcel the supplies using the most reliable courier services available, both in India and outside. For you, we’ll go above and beyond the sea. Prepare to dive into a plethora of possibilities.

  • NDR Management

Parceldeck gives you total access to NDR reasons and enables you to respond quickly to them, allowing you to turn a failed delivery into a success.

Our NDR management software with AI and ML automates the entire process and Parceldeck’s dashboard allows you to track NDR orders.

You can read the explanation for the nondelivery report and sort the NDR events by date. You can take proactive actions on such orders after you understand the grounds for NDR. You can contact the customers to confirm their contact information and instruct the courier business to try again.

  • Order Tracking Service

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We make tracking services as simple as possible for you. Once your parcel has been shipped, simply go to our dashboard and click on the track order option. By entering your track ID and clicking submit, you can easily track your orders.

  • Parceldeck fulfillment provides end-to-end fulfillment services

Parceldeck provides you with fulfillment facilities and handles your e-commerce orders from start to finish. We will take care of things like storage, receiving, packing, and shipping, as well as negotiating reduced shipping rates, handling high-volume needs, and often lowering fulfillment expenses.



For all your shipping concerns Parceldeck is the one-stop solution. We make it easy for you to use  Amazon Selected Self-Ship. If you wish to complete your orders as quickly as possible with the best shipping experience Parceldeck can help.

Also, if you wish to learn more about the Amazon selected self-ship program and how to increase your sales on amazon you can review our other blogs for more information.