Courier Services Vs Postal Services: Which is Better for eCommerce?

eCommerce is gradually becoming an important cog in the wheel of the global economy. So, what exactly is happening? How did eCommerce become such a popular shopping option for customers? One of the major reasons is that customers can now shop from the comfort of their homes. so let’s uncover courier services vs postal services.

While convenience matters, the overall experience you get from the moment you shop till you receive the product is also important. ‘Customer experience’ is at the heart of eCommerce. The number one aspect that will make or break your business. To deliver a good experience you need to choose a better service for e-commerce.

Let us explain this with one example: Suppose you want to purchase a dress for a friend’s upcoming birthday. You go to a number of websites and, after much thought, you find the dress of your liking.  It fits your budget and so you finally buy it.  Now the anticipation of its arrival begins. 

One of two things could actually happen now. The dress is delivered on time, and you receive it before the birthday. In such a scenario, you would have a positive experience. The chances of coming back to shop more are quite high. 

But let’s say the delivery is delayed. Or the dress arrives but is damaged. Surely you will think twice before you shop from that site again.

You’re not delivering a product, you’re delivering ‘khushiyan’, to paraphrase Amazon.

This brings us to the most important element of any eCommerce business: ‘shipping.’

There are multiple options present in the market. However, there are two that are particularly crucial: courier and postal services.

Now let us explore which option is better for eCommerce sites.  Whether it’s a courier services vs postal services.

courier services vs postal services

Customer Retention – The Key Focus Area for courier services vs postal services

eCommerce sites today want to create and maintain their customer base. The first step in retaining customers is to gain a better understanding of their preferences.

Let’s start with Courier Services

If an eCommerce company’s consumer base is primarily made up of young people, they will constantly demand speedy deliveries. Naturally, a swift and efficient courier service that ensures timely delivery would be preferred.

Courier services, therefore, offer services like overnight delivery, same-day delivery, or standard delivery. This allows eCommerce businesses to offer different options to their clients. 

Postal Services

If, on the other hand, an eCommerce company serves to a more senior demographic, it may think about delivering services from government-run post offices.

What makes postal services a better option? You can save money because postal services are often less expensive than courier services.

What if I have a wide range of customers?

This is a really important question as it is the reality for any eCommerce business. They sell things to both young and older customers on the same website. In such a scenario, eCommerce companies must provide a mix of courier and postal services to ensure that their clients get the best of both worlds.

Below is a comprehensive list of the elements that influence an eCommerce site’s decisions.

you can easily find out the functions of courier services.

courier services vs postal services

The key differences between the courier services vs postal services are outlined. They can assist you in selecting the best e-commerce service.

  1. Cost– As previously stated, postal services are significantly less expensive than courier services. Courier services are more costly since they provide additional features.
  2. Speed and Quickness – Courier services are thought to be more efficient and speedier. That is not to say that postal services are inefficient; on the contrary, they are. Courier services, on the other hand, are usually considered to provide better service in terms of speed.
  3. Tracking – Tracking plays a very vital role in shipping. There is an option to track your product through the postal service. Also, Information on how much time it will take for your product to reach.  In the case of a courier service, you will be given a tracking ID that will show you where your merchandise is now located. To put it another way, the postal service is more generic, but the courier service is more specific.
  4. Packaging– The product’s presentation is a representation of the company. A company’s reputation may suffer as a result of poor packaging. Professional packaging, on the other hand, can be more appealing to customers. Therefore, we should not take packaging for granted. When it comes to courier services vs postal services, courier services might provide additional packing features upon request. The postal service may refuse to do so.

It is necessary to grasp the differences between them in order to select the best e-commerce service.

Now let’s jump to the most important question for courier services vs postal services.

Which Service is Better For E-commerce? 

courier services vs postal services

The most important part is finally here. You have been probably worried all this time about which service to choose. You might be thinking that the postal service is less expensive, but the courier service is more reliable; then which one to select, courier services vs postal services? Which one is ideal for your e-commerce? 

You need to just consider certain aspects. Always follow a strategy. Consider the following:

  1. Calculate Shipping Cost – The first thing to do is to calculate the shipping cost. In order to calculate the cost, you need to know the weight, height, size, and destination of the product.

  1. Time Frame – There are two questions that need to be addressed here. One, within what time frame the product is to be delivered. Second, how much time will it take to reach if we consider the cheapest service? And accordingly, make your decision

  1. Packaging – Consider a reliable service if the product is fragile and easy to break. If the product gets damaged on the way because of poor packaging, you’ll end up losing customers. 

 Apart from that, there are no major considerations.

Wrapping up

Use all the information that we discussed and consider all the factors. The better service is the one that meets your eCommerce needs. Check out Parceldeck, we have multiple options from which you can choose. You are sure to find the right option for your eCommerce.