Ecommerce Packaging Tips to help Products Securely

Your eCommerce business’s ultimate success or failure is not about the buy button, but about customers expectations. It’s not just how fast you ship but also is your packaging safe?

An order that arrives just in one or two days is only acceptable if it arrives in one piece because no matter how fast your shipping service was, if the final product is damaged all your hard work will be of no good.

Consequently, if you want to avoid making these packaging mistakes. We have some eCommerce packaging tips for you. But before that let us know why packaging is so important.

Importance of Packaging 

eCommerce packaging tips

Packaging is often a consumer’s first introduction to the product. As such, product packaging is a factor that manufacturers should never overlook. It plays a critical role in ensuring a good first impression and creating lasting brand loyalty.

You put all your time, money and effort into making each product. And product damage is something no one wants to deal with. Not only does it cost money, but it also tarnishes your brand image in front of your customers. so eCommerce packaging tips can be a gamechanger for our shipping and ecommerce business.

A company makes a market image after so much hard work and just one mistake in packaging can destroy it all in seconds. For example, a customer opens a package and finds the product damaged or stolen. In such a case, despite fixing the problem, the chances of a customer recommending your store or purchasing from you again are slim to none. 

Packing your eCommerce orders securely guarantees that you satisfy consumer expectations the first time, earning you a five-star rating and a return visit. It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure that the product is delivered safely to the customer’s residence. 

ecommerce packaging tips

Let’s have a look at some helpful eCommerce packaging tips for ensuring secure shipping.

 Better Ecommerce Packaging Tips:

Select an appropriate packaging –

It’s essential to choose the right box or packaging for your product, which can differ depending on the items. For example, Heavy or unusually shaped products should be packed in corrugated boxes, Clothing in mailing bags, Books and DVDs in mailers with padding, and Bulky products, such as furniture, require special packaging. Also, make sure there’s enough room for your product or that the box is always slightly larger than your product.

To protect and cushion the contents, use dunnage –

Packing your products directly in your box can cause damage to the product while shipping, so instead of packing directly pack them in bubble wrap or other dunnage materials like packing peanuts, packing and shredded paper, packing foam or air pillows, so that it provides cushion to your product, which will protect your item from any damage. these methods are very important ecommerce packaging tips.

Do not over or underfill packages –

Overfilling and Underfilling packages might save your shipping and packaging costs but it can cause damage to products as well,if you overfill a package, at the time of shipment it might break or expose the contents because the box cannot take the weight of the products due to overfilling. Just like that, underfilling can also cause damage because the product will move a lot if the package is having too much room. Instead, use a small box for small or fewer products to protect it from damage.

Use the proper packaging tape –

Another cause of product damage is the use of low-quality tape that opens during transit. Make sure you close all loopholes on the top, bottom, or corners that can open up accidentally during shipping. These tapes will prevent your packaging from falling open or being tampered during the shipping procedure.

Branded boxes should be avoided –

Aside from the fact that branded boxes increase fulfillment costs while slowing shipping, they’re also quite tempting to thieves. To send eCommerce orders safely, use plain outside packaging and keep branding within the box this way it won’t look too attractive and will safely reach its destination without getting stolen.

Use the correct shipping label –

eCommerce packaging tips

Always use the correct shipping label to avoid delay of shipment, write the correct address of delivery and also return address in case of the return order. Also, when printing shipping carrier labels, make sure you use smudge-resistant ink, moisture-resistant paper, and secure attachment to the box. Make sure the trackable barcode is visible if you’re utilizing a trackable postal service.

Use a service that allows you to trace your package –

It is important to use a trackable mailing service that allows you to confirm that your customer has received the delivery. If the package goes missing, your shipping carrier will be able to track it down and examine what happened

Choose the best Logistic aggregator or fulfillment provider for your needs –

Every eCommerce business has its own needs, you must select a shipping carrier or eCommerce fulfillment service that is as committed to safely delivering your products as you are and also is budget-friendly. Parceldeck is the finest alternative for you if you’re looking for a shipping aggregator. It is not only the most affordable aggregator on the market, but it also offers the greatest NDR service, and we are a company that values efficiency, speed, and security.

Special Ecommerce Packaging tips:

If you sell perishable goods, sharp objects, delicate products, or fragile items, you should be extra cautious when packaging them because they are more likely to be damaged. Let’s get to know some shipping tips on how to pack these items.

·   Perishable Goods – Use a paper mache tray to insert perishable things like vegetables, fruits, or other eatables and place them on a heavy outer container to ensure that they reach clients in good condition. Use strong tape to seal the bag. If necessary, write ‘PERISHABLE’ in bold letters on the label for easy identification.

·   Sharp Objects – You have to be extra careful if you deal in sharp objects like knives, razor blades, etc. Cover the edges with bubble wraps or cardboard pieces so that their edges do not destroy the outer box and the content does not get exposed.

·   Delicate Products – Ecommerce packaging with rigid material on the front and back is required for products like technological devices, porcelains, and paintings to prevent them from breaking. You can also use bubble wrap to protect two items from colliding.  

·   Fragile Items – If you’re dealing with any fragile objects, such as glass or marble, make sure to wrap each one separately in paper or bubble wrap. Use some cushioning material, on both sides of the object so that it does not come into direct contact with the cardboard box.

So, if you don’t want to make any packaging errors while shipping and want your packages to arrive safely, hopefully, these eCommerce packaging tips will be useful. Rushing orders out the warehouse door is no doubt a great feeling, but rushed packages are more likely to be damaged or stolen. Take the time to correctly wrap your eCommerce products with the appropriate packing, dunnage, tape, trackable mailing service, and shipping carrier or fulfillment provider to avoid the nightmare of damaged or stolen packages.