Easy Guide to FedEx Tracking for eCommerce businesses

FedEx Express, originally known as Federal Express, is a major courier service recognized for its quick and reliable delivery. Our blog will definitely help you grasp the ins and outs of FedEx tracking, whether you already use their services or are considering it as an option.

Before we do that, let’s get to know a little about order tracking.

What Is Order Tracking 

Order tracking is a service that helps you to keep track of your online orders. Use this to inform and update your customers on the status of their orders in real-time.

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It includes, when to expect delivery, its estimated time, as well as live tracking, and location updates.

Customers are generally informed about the status of their orders in five stages:

  • Order accepted
  • In-progress
  • Shipped
  • Delivered
  • Completed

Now that we know what order tracking is, learn in detail about FedEx Tracking, the importance of order tracking. In addition, what to include on your order page. 

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Simple and Practical Guide to FedEx Tracking

FedEx is one of India’s most well-known and widely used courier services. When it comes to fast and convenient shipping solutions, FedEx is a great courier option. 

Keep in mind, that the courier you choose will have bearing on the quality of tracking service you provide. FedEx tracking ensures that your customers have a good shopping experience.

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How Does FedEx Tracking Work?

When you use FedEx, keeping track of your orders is a breeze. In just one click, FedEx tracking provides shipping updates. 

It’s a fast and easy-to-use tool designed with your convenience and ease of use in mind.

To track your shipment, simply follow the easy steps outlined below.

  • First, check the tracking number or reference number

The whole FedEx tracking process requires the use of a tracking number. The number is a one-of-a-kind code that encrypts all the shipping information you provide. This number is issued to each parcel, and you will receive it every time you ship your package.

In the case of FedEx, you will receive a 12-digit number, however, the number of digits can vary. There are also, 10-digit, 15-digit, 20-digit, as well as 22-digit numbers. These tracking numbers are usually devoid of any letters. 

You will receive the number once you ship your items via email or SMS. The numbers appear on the shipping label as well.

  • Second, enter the tracking number

Go to the FedEx homepage, and enter the digits of your number in the search bar. There is no need to log in. You can get your shipment status and proof of delivery with only one click.

  • Third, use the FedEx tracking benefits

All of your shipments are displayed in one simple interface. You can also create nicknames for your orders to make searching easier.

There are different ways to track orders,

  • Parceldack

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Parceldeck is a shipping aggregator that works with FedEx and other delivery companies. If you are using Parceldeck to ship your products, you can easily track your shipment using our ‘Track Order

  • FedEx Website

Of course, the simplest approach to tracking a FedEx package is to go directly to the FedEx website. You can find out about your shipment’s status straight away. You can use the website either on PC or mobile browser. 

FedEx allows a maximum of 30 tracking numbers to be entered at once, which is useful when sending several items from various customers.

  • Phone Number and Email

FedEx tracking using mobile tracking is convenient to use too; simply call the FedEx number to find out the status of your shipment. Likewise, you can find out the status by sending a quick email request. 

  • Mobile App

Another option for tracking is to download the FedEx mobile app from the App Store. It offers a pleasant user experience and allows you to track your orders on the go.

Why Order Tracking Is Important?

Customer satisfaction is an end-all and be-all for the success of e-commerce. When customers can easily track their products, it alleviates a lot of their order anxiety and helps you in the long run by gaining their trust. 

Let’s say an order is delayed in transit and customers have no update about it. They have no idea where the order is or when they can expect it. Wouldn’t that create a negative experience surrounding your brand? 

However, if the timely updates and tracking options are available, the late delivery is not a huge issue, since they know the exact location and expected delivery time. 

Customer experience will greatly improve when the reliability factor and expectations around orders are properly met. Order tracking is at once beneficial and essential. As a business owner, it also helps you to monitor all your orders and shipments. 

What Details Should You Include On Your Order Tracking  Page?

To ensure a smooth and convenient experience for your customers, having an order tracking page is a great idea. It is also a good place to promote and encourage customers to repeat purchases. 

To do so, you need to add all the relevant information.

  • Details of order

For transparency and to keep customers informed, add full order details on the tracking page. Include the payment amount in the case of COD orders.

  • Date of Estimated delivery

Customers value delivery dates because it eliminates any uncertainty about their orders. You should inform them about the estimated delivery date for the order. This will help you to keep and build the trust of your customers.

  • Details on customer support

If there is any problem with the order, the customer should be able to reach you right away. That sense of security is essential for relieving the customer’s worry. Include contact information, such as an email address and a phone number.

  • Tracking details

The order tracking page’s most important feature is the tracking information. You must provide detailed tracking information on each stage so that the customer may be notified and updated if any problems or concerns arise.

Role of Parceldeck


Parceldeck has partnered with FedEx and other major courier services to provide you with a seamless shipping experience at the lowest possible delivery cost. If you use our services, you can immediately track your orders using our track order page.

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