How Can You Make Shipping for eCommerce Sites Easier?

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Want to make shipping for ecommerce easier? But how do you make things easy when they’re difficult? Certainly, by simplifying it. It’s the first step toward finding a practical solution. To make things simple, you’ll need three factors: First, you need to get a solid shipping strategy; second, a customer-centric mindset; and third, a competent courier partner.

This article will provide you with relevant insights and strategies.

So let’s step up your game and make shipping for ecommerce both easy and economical. 

Shipping For Ecommerce: A Solid Shipping Strategy

shipping for ecommerce

Why You Need One

Place yourself in the shoes of customers. After a lot of browsing and deliberation, you have decided to buy a product that you like and one that fits your budget. But, lo and behold, right after checkout, the total amount is way more than you anticipated, all thanks to the shipping costs. Wouldn’t that make you question your purchase? 

As per prior studies, higher shipping rates are one of the top reasons for cart abandonment. And, if you don’t want to be the cause of that, shipping costs should always be considered. For that, a fool-proof strategy is a MUST.

But there are more reasons why your ecommerce needs a shipping strategy: So you can provide,

  • Fast Delivery
  • Convenient delivery choices
  • Smooth experience
  • Order fulfilment

And ensure 

  • More conversions and boost in business

Strategy to shipping for ecommerce

Every business is different. Every need is different. So choose the ones that suit your ecommerce the best. 

SHIPPING METHODS: Depends on rates, location, time, mode of delivery

shipping for ecommerce

  1. Live-rates

Your customers are scattered across the country or globe–so, it’s not always possible to offer free shipping. But at the same time, you don’t want one customer to pay more than the other. Or cover the cost from your pockets. 

That’s where live rates come in. Also known as real-time carrier rates, they provide customers with an exact shipping cost that is generated based on weight, dimension, and destination. So, when you set up the system, customers can see the rates being calculated in real-time when they check out. This will create transparency and build trust.

Customers will also be able to choose among the delivery options.  

  1. Flat Rate Shipping

Another way to make shipping for ecommerce easy and favorite among many is flat rate shipping. Flat rate shipping is another preferred method for making ecommerce shipping simple. The item’s DIM or dimensional weight is ignored in this case, and the same amount is charged for all the products. Here, the size of the box determines the cost. 

  1. Expedited Shipping

If you can’t offer low-cost or free shipping, expedited shipping is the next best option. Here the customers receive their purchase faster than the standard delivery time. Customers will be willing to pay more if they get their items quickly. 

There are also other options that can make shipping for ecommerce easy. Such as,

  • Free shipping
  • Priority shipping
  • Express shipping
  • Same-day delivery
  • Next-day delivery
  • Two-day delivery

Strategy for Packaging

Packaging also has a great sway on shipping costs and is an important part of order fulfillment. 

The market has a slew of options. But which one to ultimately choose depends on the product. Take into account it’s 

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Fragility
  • Durability
  • Shape

Also, whether you want to customize it or keep it simple. Branded packaging is a great opportunity to create brand awareness. But also keep in mind that it can cost more. 

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Shipping For Ecommerce: Customer-centric Mindset

Another way to make shipping for ecommerce easy is to adopt a more customer-centric mindset. 

Here’s the thing: your brand image and shipping go hand in hand. How you might ask? Well, think about it like this. The end product and how the customer finally receives it, reflects on the overall credibility of the brand.

If the product is delivered smoothly, you get rave reviews. If it is delayed, a ripple of frustration. If the product is delivered damaged or in some cases, not at all, then be ready to get a full-blown rant and angry calls. The trust factor, loyalty points all will take a downward hit. And you definitely don’t want that. 

To make things easy for yourself, first, make them easy for your customers. Never lose a forest for the trees. For example, free shipping is a necessary evil. So, always look for ways to make that happen. 

You should always be up-to-date with current trends and stay ahead in the game to deliver your best. Having a customer-centric point of view will not just benefit your customers but bring dramatic changes and great growth to your ecommerce business. 

Shipping For Ecommerce: A Competent Courier Partner

Ecommerce shipping could become easy, economical, and efficient with the right delivery partner. 

Why You Should Partner up with Shipping Agreggator?

Also known as courier aggregator or third party logistics( 3PL), are the platforms that have tie-ups with major courier companies. So instead of going around and comparing rates of the courier services to find the cheapest one, now you can just have them all in one place. 

This will save you a great deal of time and resources. These platforms also have a number of features, such as integration with platforms like Shopify and such. 

One such example is Parceldeck itself. When it comes to shipping for ecommerce and making it easy, it is the best solution. 

Parceldeck has everything you can ask from a shipping partner. It gives you the ability to ship anywhere in India and in whatever mode that suits you the best. And it has the cheapest shipping rates right now. 

The platform is pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is pack and label your shipment and choose your preferred courier partner among the number of options available, including Bluedart, FedEx, Delhivery, and more. 

You can also calculate the shipping price without even signing up. 

So to sum up. Do your research and execute the strategies mentioned. Automate as much as you can. Because only by eliminating the unnecessary can you achieve simplicity and in return make shipping for ecommerce easy.