How to Sell on Shopclues in India – Easy Guide to Get You Started

When Sanjay Sethi and Sandeep Aggarwal established Shopclues in 2011, they had no clue that ShopClues would grow to such an extent. Currently, there are over 12000 merchants who sell on Shopclues.

Shopclues sells a wide range of products that go from electronics to home appliances, clothes, vehicles, health, sports, jewelry, and more.

There are over 42 million customers each month and its widespread popularity and accessibility make it great for selling.

How does ShopClues work?

sell on shopclues

Shopclues is a great platform for selling your products.

If you get an order, the fulfillment center for Shopclues handles the pickup and check-in of the order. Shopclues also manages packaging and shipping. Here, both the buyer and the seller have access to tracking information.

The final step is for Shopclues to allow the payment to take place to the seller. The shopclues seller app lets you sell on Shopclues with complete control over your online inventory. You can also edit, add, or remove products as per your preference.

How can you register to sell on Shopclues?

To sell on Shopclues you should make sure that the documents related to you personally and your company are scanned beforehand.

Fill out the merchant registration form on the website to sell on Shopclues. You can do this by clicking on the link that says sell with us.

In order to register and sell on Shopclues, you will need,

sell on shopclues

  • Your email address
  • Canceled cheque
  • Mobile number
  • GSTIN number
  • PAN Card
  • Partnership Deed
  • Company stamp
  • Document of Address proof
  • A letter for authorization

Make sure that you give your store a unique name with the necessary information along with it. After this, you can start to list your products.

You will also have to provide information on the courier partner that you will be using to deliver products.

Parceldeck is an excellent shipping aggregator which can help you choose the best courier partner. It has over 25 courier partners and serves over 27000 pin codes.

How can different types of businesses register on Shopclues?

The paperwork that you will require as a typical merchant includes:

  • For a registered corporation, each director’s identification and residence must be verified, with their PAN card information. The company’s PAN card, bank account information, and GST or VAT registration details should be given.
  • For sole proprietors, you’ll need proof of identification, such as a PAN card, Aadhaar card, a driver’s license, and a copy of your bank account statement.
  • A private limited company’s memorandum of association, address proof, certificate of incorporation, company PAN card, and bank account information must all be provided.
  • An LLP or Limited Liability Partnership must supply a registration certificate, partnership deed, and the LLP PAN card.

The company’s address proof, GST certificate, and bank information should also be given. The power of attorney has to be given to an employee to make decisions for the LLP.

What are the benefits of selling on Shopclues?

sell on shopclues

  • If you sell on Shopclues, you will be reaching over a million customers. This will help you increase your profits by getting more orders on a daily basis.
  • PAN India’s reach is also offered to easily sell on Shopclues all over India. You can grow your business quickly and scale to new heights.
  • Your money is kept safely. The regular cycles of payment that Shopclues has make sure that you securely receive the payments.
  • Shopclues also manages and handles shipping orders. You can pack, prepare, and receive orders with the help of Shopclues.

How can you upload products to sell on Shopclues?

Adding products to your shopclues store is as simple as launching the shopclues seller app after setting up your account. To get your storefront up and running, you’ll need to upload and sell at least two items.

The microsite of Shopclues is your storefront.  Now you can sell on Shopclues by being online.

Don’t forget to include the whole product name, model number, and other details that are important for identification.

Shopclues users can quickly find your products if you have photos and the right keywords to describe your products.

How much does it cost to sell on Shopclues?

Adding products and allocating the right price rate to sell on Shopclues is an easy process. First, you need to understand the seller fees and taxes that apply.

There is a service fee for every transaction which is based on a percentage of the product’s worth, and this fee is subject to taxes.

This is in addition to the purchase price of the product and any applicable GST. When the deal goes through, the payment is received. On a weekly basis, Shopclues sends the payment to the registered bank account.

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What are the seller charges on Shopclues?

With shopclues, merchants normally pay a fee for each sold product in addition to the fulfillment service price.

Upon the successful sale of a product, you will get a selling fee with rates that change depending on the category of the product sold. This is in addition to any applicable service tax.

Shopclues charges a fulfillment fee with a tax on this cost if they handle the packaging too.

How does ShopClues handle returns?

Shopclues handles returns and refunds for retailers so they don’t have to worry. Merchants are responsible for customer service and the follow-up process after the sale of the product.

What are some tips to help you sell on Shopclues?

A few tips that you can consider while you sell on Shopclues are,

  • Make sure you write the product name fully. It should not be incomplete.
  • Use the right keywords. They should be relevant and present in the description and title of the product.
  • Make sure you use high-quality images which are clean and easy to understand.
  • The description of the product should be precise and detailed with information on the product. It should contain details on the size, dimension, and features of the product to be helpful to the customer.


You can start to sell on Shopclues with the assistance of the information given in this blog. By adding your products to the Shopclues catalog and forming descriptions, you will be able to represent your business and gain tons of customers.