Easy guide to sell refurbished products in india

India is a growing market with a diverse population and a broad range of purchasing power. People have become more cautious about overspending since the pandemic. As a result, millions of customers prefer to sell refurbished products to new ones.

Many businesses sell high-quality used products. This allows buyers to save money while still feeling like they own a brand new product.

sell refurbished product

Buying refurbished products online is a sensible choice. It has two distinct advantages. First, the buyer saves a significant amount of money. Second,  they are eco-friendly since the products are not manufactured in factories.

What are Refurbished Products?

Items that have been thoroughly assessed for quality and functionality, with necessary parts replaced or restored, are referred to as “refurbished products.” 

Take, for example, a pre-owned smartphone. It is first thoroughly cleaned and all its prior data is wiped. The software is also updated to the latest version.

Although these products are fully functional, they cannot be sold as “new.” As a result, they are generally less expensive.

In most cases, new components are added to the devices. Consumers may still mistake them for second-hand products. But what sets the refurbished products apart from second-hand ones is the ‘warranty’. Since the second-hand products are not actually checked, the vendors cannot offer a long-term warranty.

Refurbished products, on the other hand, frequently come with a warranty that varies based on the materials used.

Thus, refurbished goods provide a sense of security, whereas second-hand ones are frequently sold by the user without any guarantee.


What are some good reasons to buy refurbished products?

  • Products are Certified and Assured – Many refurbished items include certified and guaranteed alternatives. Only products that pass a quality control process are given certified tags. The products are then restored so that they work and look like new ones. Due to this approach, customers have more trust in refurbished goods.

  • Options for warranty, buyback, and EMI – No-cost EMI, warranty, discounts, doorstep delivery, and buy-back options are all available in the refurbished market. Choosing such add-on products makes life easier for the customer because the company handles everything from delivery to installation. It also aids in the development of customer goodwill and brand loyalty.

  • Money well spent – During these difficult times, consumers have cut back on their expenses, and they simply want to meet their urgent needs. A refurbished product that is as good as new but at a cheaper cost is an excellent alternative.

  • Sustainable Option – These days people all around the world are embracing the concept of reusing to reduce waste production. Although reusing is not the only solution to this problem, it does help to reduce environmental stress. It contributes to the decrease of landfill size, resource efficiency, and product shelf life extension.

sell refurbished product

Why is it beneficial for sellers to offer refurbished products in India?

Because India has such a huge population, there are different types of potential buyers. And as not everyone can afford expensive products, they are always looking for alternatives.

That is why refurbished products are such a great option. Sellers can sell these products at a reasonable price with a variety of alternatives. Customers will be able to get high-quality goods at a low cost.

Check out the following benefits to sell refurbished products in India:

The demand for Refurbished Products is High

When it comes to refurbished products, sellers have the upper hand. There are millions of customers looking for high-quality products at a low price.

Refurbished Products Generate Higher Profits

The aim is to always look for high-profit-margin products that are either relatively new or hardly used. These products are affordable to purchase, and they are also inexpensive to repair. Companies such as Apple buy back their Apple-certified refurbished devices and fix them before reselling for profit.

Less Competition

Refurbished businesses receive less competition than other businesses. If you’re fortunate enough to meet your consumers’ needs, you’ll have a lot of chances to take advantage of new opportunities.

India has without a doubt one of the world’s fastest-growing refurbished goods stores. Because the costs of these refurbished products are as low as they can be, selling these products in India is undoubtedly a profitable venture.

Process to sell refurbished Products online

Various markets in India cater to the growing need for refurbished products. Several websites, such as Amazon and Flipkart, as well as marketplaces like eBay and Fnac, have dedicated refurbished landing pages. These websites make it simple to open a business account and begin to sell refurbished products in India.

Points to be considered while considering to sell refurbished products:

Select your preferred selling platforms:

In India, there are some popular refurbished websites where you can sell refurbished products online. Simply create a business account on Amazon, Flipkart, or other social media platforms. Upload images and information about the products you want to sell. Pricing, guarantee periods, discounts, for example. Customers can then look at the products and decide whether or not they want to buy them.

We’ve put together a list of the best websites in India to sell refurbished products for you.

● Refurbished by Amazon

● 2GUD by Flipkart

● Quickr

● Refurbished Electronics at Electronics Bazaar

● Refurbished Products at Shopclues

● hxcart.com

● Snapdeal Refurbished 

● Refurbished by Walmart

Make sure you have enough stocks

Consumers are more aware of their financial positions and constraints after the outbreak of COVID-19. They are now more inclined to buy refurbished products to meet their needs. This is putting a lot of pressure on the repair and refurbishment market. Thus, the limited stock may be a key difficulty in journey to sell refurbished products in India.

  •  Maintain Quality of Products

People have preconceived notions about refurbished products, so keeping the quality of your goods up to par is critical. Because some products may have difficult-to-repair defects, these must be properly evaluated before being sold. This is to ensure that they meet quality standards, which is crucial to your company’s reputation.

Keep Track of different Websites and Competitors

It may be tough for sellers to keep track of product prices across many platforms. Selling over the internet is no longer a novel trend. Hundreds of businesses have taken advantage of online platforms and reaped the financial benefits.

As a result, the key takeaway here is that the competition is fierce. You have to guarantee that your products both give value to existing markets and also have the potential to create new ones.


If you plan to sell refurbished products in India, make sure you follow these procedures to ensure successful sales. Also, check out Parceldeck for secure shipping. We can assist you in shipping the products at a lower rate.

You’re not just saving money in process to sell refurbished products online, but also helping the environment by ensuring a better tomorrow for future generations. So, go ahead and search for a refurbished website in India where you can sell and buy the best products.