Shipping Challenges and their best Solutions for Ecommerce in India


Starting an online business in itself is hard. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into making it work, especially when the competition is so fierce. And one of the major challenges being ‘shipping’. But once you know how to overcome that and get to the right solution for ecommerce in India, the sky is the limit.

The internet is full of endless shipping solutions for ecommerce in India.  And your challenges as an online seller in India may differ from those faced by a seller in, say, America.  As a result, it can be difficult to find relevant information that matches your needs.

We understand that. 

This post will highlight the challenges that an Indian ecommerce business may face, as well as provide a definitive list of practical and cost-effective shipping solutions.

What are Some Common Shipping Challenges?

Identifying the problem is the first step toward finding the solution. Here’s the list of some common shipping challenges you may face,

  • Delayed Delivery  
  • Trouble in Transit
  • Beyond your reach
  • High Shipping Costs
  • Delivery Time Window

Now let’s tackle them one by one, and find shipping solutions for ecommerce in India. Also, read this blog to know how you can make shipping easier for ecommerce sites.

Delayed Delivery: What’s the Shipping Solution to Deliver Items on Time?

Toughest and biggest challenge  online sellers and ecommerce in India face is delivering items on time. The pandemic has made it even more tricky. And humans are prone to errors; machines are no exceptions either. 


  • Keep the documentation process in order to avoid sending it to wrong or non-existent addresses. 

  • Keep a detailed record of your inventory. This will ensure that you are not selling out-of-stock items. Because your stock figures could be incorrect, or because the same item could be in a different warehouse.

  • Use a delivery service you can rely on. 

  • Use an end to end order-tracking system on your website so customers can track the parcel in real-time. 

Trouble in Transit: How Can eCommerce in India Face Transportation Challenges?

Items on the road are at risk of being damaged, lost, or, in the worst-case scenario, stolen. Transportation costs can also plummet thanks to rising fuel prices, labor shortages, government regulations, increased freight rates, and such. Failure to address them sooner can result in a loss of profit, a loss of customers, and a blot on the brand’s reputation.

visit- various ways to improve shipping processes


  • Have a clear policy for providing consumers shipping insurance.

  • Set up a FAQ page so that clients can simply figure out what to do if their packages go missing.

  • When it comes to packaging, it’s always best to be safe than sorry. Consider the product’s risk as well as the packing costs.

  • A critical role is played by your logistics partner. Choose one that provides a reliable service at a reasonable rate. Parceldeck, for instance, will ensure a safe and cheap delivery for any eCommerce in India.

Beyond Your Reach: What is the Shipping Solution For Expanding your Coverage Area?

Another bigger challenge in shipping is the ‘distance’. Order fulfillment could become more difficult if your warehouse is located farther away from the final destination. To grow your consumer base and expand the business, it’s imperative to cover more areas. But how to do that? 


  • To counter location-specific issues, have multiple warehouses where your target customer base resides.

  • Form a partnership with courier partners to acquire access to a large number of pin codes.

  •  Prepare on all fronts for a global reach: customs, additional taxes, import fees, and so on.

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High Shipping Costs: What is the Best Shipping Solution For Reducing Shipping Costs?

Shipping costs can have a positive impact on both e-commerce profit and customer satisfaction if managed right. The challenge here is to find ways to cut costs, as this will allow you to offer free shipping, expedited shipment, and other benefits.


  • Work with companies that have a large number of fulfillment centers. When the distance is reduced, the cost of shipping is reduced.

  • For lightweight products, avoid using large packages as it can increase the dimensional weight.

  • Weight, like dimension, can lead to increased shipping costs. If the product doesn’t require it, don’t add extra padding or cushioning.

Delivery Time Window: How to Exceed Delivery Expectations?

The delivery time window is the minimum time limit within which a product should be delivered, and it has been getting shorter and shorter. You must ship the product as quickly as possible to beat the competition and exceed client expectations. The need for speed is paramount and it’s a wonderful asset to have. It can help you in offering same-day, next-day, and two-day delivery, among other services. It’s a great way to get customers to buy even if delivery charges are extra.


  •  Streamline the whole process. From beginning to end, you need to map it all out. 

  •  Be ready for the demand, have enough supply. Consolidating with vendors is a good approach. 

  •  If possible, set up a system to optimize delivery routes. 

  •  Automate as much as you can to save time. 

One-Stop Solution

What if I told you that the majority of these challenges can be solved by one ultimate solution? You can only do so by teaming up with a reliable logistics partner. They can help you in shipping things in the safest, fastest, and most cost-effective manner possible.

So how to choose the right one? Tick off the below checklist to filter out the best. This way you can find the one-stop place for shipping solution for ecommerce in India

  • Will the logistic partner provide end-to-end delivery?
  • Do they have credibility?
  • Are they capable of all delivery modes?
  • How far is there reach?
  • Do they have an excellent service?
  • Do they have multiple courier partners?
  • Are they cost-effective?
  • Can they deliver the products faster?
  • Do they offer order tracking?
  • Do they have pick-up flexibility? 

Do your research. Collect as much information as you can and carefully compare all the options. This will help you to arrive at an informed decision. 

Check out Parceldeck. You will find all the shipping solutions right here. 

And remember, challenges are tough. But choosing the right course of action will lead you towards right solutions.