11 Shipping Tips For Small Businesses

Every small business owner needs to manage the customer expectations that accompany the rising demand for products. A critical aspect that should be considered is the cost of transportation involved to satisfy this demand. Shipping tips for small businesses come in handy in this situation.

These costs can be fairly substantial in the modern-day scenario where an integral part of online selling involves fast and free shipping.

Several efficient shipping tips for small businesses that can ensure the practical growth of the business have been provided below.

Shipping Tips For Small Businesses

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1. Cater To The Right Location

Through zip codes and addresses, certain carriers have defined distinct shipping zones.

You need to take the geographic location into consideration to plan a budget and deal with the expenses involved.

Note that the zones influence how the rates are negotiated. Make sure you confirm the location of delivery based on the destination.

2. Calculating Shipping Charges

shipping tips

You have to understand the policy of the courier service that you are using.

The factors that you can take into consideration to calculate these costs are,

  • Fast shipping is much more expensive when customers prefer expedited delivery.
  • The weight of the product also contributes to additional costs when the dimensions have an effect on the pricing.
  • The charges may vary according to the distance covered and the location of delivery.
  • You can negotiate and get the overall rate of shipping decreased by constantly shipping at a larger frequency.

3. Familiarize Yourself With Your Carriers

Every courier service provider is unique, and it is necessary to evaluate your requirements while selecting the most suitable carrier.

Conduct adequate research and connect with couriers to improve and streamline the entire process. You have the option of using a single provider or a combination of providers, as well as hybrid tactics.

4. Establish A Shipment Strategy

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One of the most important shipping tips is to develop a personalized strategy that works for your small business. A key factor in determining whether outsourcing is a viable option is where you plan to sell, and which carrier is best.

Understanding the purpose behind shipping to manage the mode of delivery enables you to effectively ship the products.

5.  Comparison Of Courier Options

As different carriers offer different solutions, there may be benefits or drawbacks for certain small businesses.

You can select from a variety of options for delivery speed, delivery days, and tracking options for your package through various courier services.


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6. Free Shipping For Specific Orders

One of the best shipping tips would be to offer free shipping for orders that have exceeded a certain minimum order value. This could encourage customers to purchase additional items or in larger quantities to become eligible for free shipping.

7. Understand the various shipping zones

Out of these shipping tips, the most important one is that you should be clear with the different shipping zones that are present. While sending different packages across various zones there are separate geographic zones available.

The origin zone is zone 1. As the distance to the destination increases, the number of the destination zone will go up.

8. Look into packaging solutions

eCommerce packaging tips

Making sure you consider the costs of packaging and the material that is being used is one of the shipping tips for small businesses to look into.

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  • You can save money and time by reusing the packaging. If you’re shipping a valuable or fragile item, you should use a newer box because used boxes lose strength over time.
  • To save even more money, you could buy packaging options in bulk. When you buy in bulk, many shipping companies offer discounts and cost-saving options.
  • Out of the various shipping tips given, making sure that your packaging is of the right size is important. You can use smaller packaging and save on costs this way. Bigger boxes may be used at times with padding present on the inside but that could lead to additional costs being incurred.

9.  Make sure you have third party insurance for shipping

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From the shipping tips given above, this is one that could prove to be quite expensive. By having third-party insurance, you can account for any damages that may happen to your merchandise.

It is a good way of managing and ensuring the utmost safety of your packages. Third-party insurance policies are normally cheaper than most others and will help you manage costs in a better way.

10. Buy the right shipping software

Buying the most appropriate shipping software is one of the best shipping tips that could help you save time and money.

This software will easily help you with the following,

  • Get information on the real-time actual shipping rates used across various different carriers.
  • You can compare and reduce the rates of shipping involved by forming arrangements with huge carriers.
  • Personalizing and buying labels as well as slips are one of the best shipping tips you can use.
  • You can provide a summary of the most shipped items and how much they cost approximately.

11.  Use a fulfillment center

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Instead of having to work on finding various shipping solutions, you could easily work with a fulfillment lab. This will help you with shipping your products from areas and centers that are close to where your customers reside.

This will help with marketing your products and have better rates of shipping while minimizing costs.


These shipping tips for small businesses can help you save time while still delivering your items efficiently and affordably.

You can gain customer loyalty and satisfaction if you use the right shipping method.

Parceldeck is a great resource for finding the best courier service for your needs. It is an aggregator platform that has ties with several other courier services. This allows you to compare and choose. You can ship anywhere in the country as you get access to 27,000+ pin codes.

If you want to grow your business, you must realize that shipping is an essential component. The quality of service you provide is critical to reaching new heights.