15 Practical Techniques To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

They say good things come to those who wait, but what if good things do come, but then just–leave. For example, customers who visit your site, add items to their cart, but in the end never actually buy them. This is known as ‘shopping cart abandonment’. 

You are not, however, alone. It’s one of the most common issues and frustrating aspects that anyone running an eCommerce business has to deal with.

And for that to resolve, you don’t wait, but take actionable steps. 

While pinpointing the exact reason for a customer abandoning their cart can be difficult. Nonetheless, there are a few common causes listed below.

Most Common Reasons For Shopping Cart Abandonment

shopping cart abandonment

#Reason 1: High Shipping Rates

Customers can be put off by exorbitant shipping costs. They have come to expect low to no shipping costs as a result of large retailers like Amazon. Therefore, if they are charged more than expected, they will switch to another eCommerce site.

#Reason 2: Lack Of Trust

When there is a lack of trust from the customer’s side, it can be hard to share personal details, and credit card information. That is also one of the reasons for shopping cart abandonment. And, in some cases, it seems pretty useless to fill out long forms just to buy one product. 

#Reason 3: Better Option

shopping cart abandonment

It’s the bitter truth: the competition is fierce and neverending, There’s always a better option. Customers are always on the lookout for better prices, and better alternatives. And when they do find it, they are most likely to abandon their carts and move to a better deal. 

#Reason 4: Slow Website

Slow response time caused by a slow server is another factor that contributes to shopping cart abandonment. Customers have become accustomed to shopping online in such a convenient and quick manner that when a website fails to function properly or takes too long to load, it can result in a negative experience.

#Reason 5: Annoying Pop-ups

While pop-ups are required for upselling, they are very distracting and exasperating during the transaction. Customers’ entire shopping experience is disrupted as a result of such intrusive ads, which leads to cart abandonment.

While these are just a few of the most common reasons, there are many others that you should be aware of. Furthermore, we will now provide you with some practical techniques for reducing shopping cart abandonment.

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15 Strategies for Minimizing Shopping Cart Abandonment

  • The key is to keep things simple

If you require any additional information, make sure to request it prior to completing the checkout process. Also, don’t ask for more than you need. It’s also not the time to ask them to sign up or complete forms. As we all know, a lengthy checkout process and a request for too many private details can be a turnoff for customers and lead to shopping cart abandonment. As a result, make the checkout process as simple and hassle-free as possible. 

  • Always give more options

Customers must have a variety of payment options in order to continue shopping. If they don’t see their preferred method of payment, they’ll most likely look for another way to purchase it. Provide at least three to four forms of payment.

  • Pop-ups that are clever

Pop-ups are most effective when customers are about to abandon their carts. Keep the content of the pop-up short and to the point, because it’s your last chance to persuade customers to stay on your website. It will increase the likelihood that customers will continue to purchase. But don’t go overboard, and make it clear that they can cancel at any time.

  •  Use familiarity to build trust

Customers have become accustomed to certain financial logos. Use their logos to build trust if you’re using them as a payment option.

  • In sight, in mind

During the checkout process, keep the product image visible at all times. It will serve as a constant reminder and a strong incentive to keep purchasing.

  • Reengage with email

If shopping cart abandonment has occurred, one way to persuade them to buy again is to send a targeted, relevant email. This would help to reinforce the customer’s initial will to buy. 

  • User-friendly design

Ensure that the entire checkout process is smooth and that the design is minimal and beautiful.

  • Free shipping

This is one of the most useful ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment. As we mentioned earlier, high shipping cost drives off customers. Offering free shipping is a great incentive.

Regrettably, this may have a negative impact on your profit margin. However, you can do so with ease thanks to Parceldeck’s low shipping rates.

  • Making a refund and return policy that works

Building a strong return and refund policy for eCommerce is an important strategy for forming and sustaining trust during the checkout process.

  • Prompt customer service

Customer service has the power to turn a discontented customer into a committed one. As we all know, trust is crucial in preventing shopping cart abandonment, and your customer service will play a major role in this.

  •  Option to save

Some customers may wish to continue their purchase at a later date or through a different device. As a result, always give the option of saving on shopping carts.

  • Review and update your website

A poor website experience is one of the reasons for shopping cart abandonment. That is why it’s essential to evaluate your website at regular intervals to ensure seamless performance.

  • Guest Checkout

In most cases, first-time users are hesitant to create an account. Therefore, allow a guest checkout so that they can continue shopping.

  • Simplify shopping for repeat customers

Regular and returning customers should be able to purchase with just one click rather than having to fill out all of their information again. Save their details and provide the option to autofill. 

  • Take into account behavioral analysis

Understand your customers better by carrying out behavioral analysis. It will shed light on why exactly the customers are dropping out at the last minute. This will help you make the much-needed changes.

Summing Up


Shopping cart abandonment can no doubt be frustrating and demoralizing. But the above techniques and little patience will surely help you reduce it a great deal. To help your business, also check out our blog on 13 Must-Have Ecommerce Tools For Your Business