Everything You Need To Know To Start Dropshipping in India- Easy Guide

Dropshipping is pretty popular these days. Every other seller is in this business. As the online market expands, so does the need for dropshipping products.

It is especially appealing to new sellers because there is no need to maintain inventory. In comparison to others, this business approach has proven to be quite a low risk.

In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about dropshipping in India, so you can get started right away.

What is Dropshipping Business in India?

When we break down the term: ‘drop’ means to deliver while ‘to ‘ship’, does not always mean to transport by water but through other means as well. 

In the dropshipping business model, an eCommerce business does not have to keep any inventory of products. Instead, the sellers order the products from suppliers or wholesalers and then deliver them straight to the customers. 

Thanks to the involvement of third-party sources, the need for manufacturing, and inventory management has taken a backseat. 

Thus, for anyone dipping toes into the e-commerce business for the first time, dropshipping in India gives you a great opportunity and a solid start. 

Origin and Evolution 

Dropshipping is easily the most successful model right now, but where did it all start? 

Here’s an interesting fact: drop shipping existed well before the internet.

Albeit not ‌called “dropshipping”, the practice started in the 1950s. Back then, mail order companies sold directly to the customers by phone order catalog. 

These mail-order catalogs arrived in the mail and promoted a variety of products. All you had to do was call the number and order the items from the catalog. Then Internet arrived and we were introduced to online shopping. 

Fast forward to many years, companies like Amazon and eBay completely transformed the e-commerce game. There was no need for brick and mortar store. Anyone could directly sell their products on their sites. 

This brought a surge of popularity in dropshipping business. And it evolved into what it is today

Now that we know the meaning, it’s time to find out how dropshipping in India works in our e-commerce industry. 

How to Start Dropshipping in India?

Dropshipping business in India will undoubtedly be profitable; you only need to approach it properly.

In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about dropshipping in India, so you can get started right away.

To begin something new, you should follow a set procedure. The process will keep you on the right track.

Follow the below steps to get started,

First, Pick a Product to Sell to Do Dropshipping in India

Conduct the research and form a list of products customers wish to buy or are already buying. Here’s the thing: The market is oversupplied with certain kinds of products.

You can avoid competition by identifying niche products and targeting a specific market. This is a tried and true strategy for breaking into the industry.

Because dropshipping in India is such a safe bet, it will allow you to test which products sell and which do not. You are not bound to stay with the product you first selected and can always change your mind.

There are no shortcuts to success. One guaranteed method is to conduct thorough market research.

You can estimate demand by looking at what people are searching for using the keywords they use. “Neck pillows” or “bead bracelets” are two examples.

ecommerce in india

We’ve added a short checklist. These will help you to pick your products:

  • Can you sell the product in bulk to certain businesses?
  • Can you market the product to hobbyists? This is a consumer base that will spend money on specific hobbies.
  • Does the product have a pretty niche base of buyers? 
  • Is there a trend you can hop on?
  • Will the product weigh too much? As a beginner, you should stick to small and light-weighted products to reduce shipping costs. 
  •  Is it easy to market the product? For example, you can ask Instagram influencers to market accessories and such products.

Second, Figure Out the Best Supplier 

This is the most important step. As this is such a lucrative business, a lot of people have started dropshipping in India. 

Likewise, there are many suppliers around, including spammers. Therefore, it’s better to do more research than be sorry later. 

To choose the best, keep in mind the below points:

  • Verify that your suppliers manufacture the product themselves, or that you are informed of who their distributors are. When there are too many people engaged, it is difficult to pinpoint the source. And you should always be aware of the source.
  • Your supplier should be prompt with their deliveries as your whole business depends on them. Late deliveries will reflect negatively on you.
  • Make certain that there is no ambiguity in how a supplier charges you.
  • Don’t pay more to receive less. Keep a strong profit margin.

Third, Set Up an Online Store

To do dropshipping in India, having an online store is a must. You’ll need a website or, at the very least, a platform like Shopify where your customers can find your products.

Your online store is the primary way to reach out to potential customers. That is why your website should be beautifully designed and appealing to your customers. The way you market and promote your products will make or break your business.

Follow the below tips to create a great website for dropshipping in India

  • The design of the website should complement the products.
  • Include all the necessary features in the “shopping cart”.
  • Incorporate social media sites such as Instagram, Pinterest for engagement. 
  • Make your website more customer-centric.
  • Keep the shipping rates as low as possible. Parceldeck can help you to ship your products at the lowest shipping cost in the industry

Summing Up


Dropshipping in India is a great way to build and grow your business, granted you take all the precautions and make the right decisions. Learn and explore as much as you can before you begin.

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