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Finding shipping rates from Delhi to Kolkata is simple and can be accomplished using Parceldeck. One of our primary objectives is to ensure that our clients are completely happy with the manner in which their products are delivered.

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Shipping a 10 Kg package from 380014 to 380014 will cost you 500*

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Rates Starts As low as Rs. 18 Per 500 GMs*

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Years ago, Parceldeck was founded with the goal of providing efficient delivery services. Parceldeck is a significant courier service provider in India, providing over 27000 pin codes across the country. Parceldeck offers affordable and low-cost shipping rates from Delhi to Kolkata. We are committed to providing the most secure door-to-door delivery services possible.

We have vast expertise in this industry and strive to provide excellent delivery and pickup services. We have securely delivered over 3.5 million items on average. We’ve shipped for over 10,000 clients and endeavor to offer shipping alternatives that are both reasonable and fast.

You may use our shipping calculator to estimate shipping rates from Delhi to Kolkata. There are no monthly fees or minimum shipping requirements, and you can pay for each delivery individually. Only at Parceldeck can you get such affordable shipping prices, starting at Rs. 18 for every 500 GMs. Shipping costs vary based on the mode of transport, parcel size, and volumetric weight.

Our highly qualified employees work hard to exceed our clients’ expectations and give the best delivery services available. Parceldeck has worked with over 25 different courier firms to provide you the most affordable delivery option from Delhi to Kolkata. Our crew conducts collection and delivery in a timely manner. You may simply observe and track the delivery procedure.

We work hard and ship throughout India to ensure that our shipping service meets and surpasses your expectations. Customers and companies increasingly rely on Parceldeck to deliver and ship their items. A real-time tracking system and a large number of collecting points make delivering your things simple.

We handle everything from packaging to delivering items to your home to make your life easier. We trace your courier delivery using cutting-edge technology. Our low-cost, trustworthy courier services, which are equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure timely delivery, can help your company.

Please contact Parceldeck’s customer service staff if you have any queries or issues. Please contact us directly if you have any inquiries about shipping rates from Delhi to Kolkata.  Parceldeck lets you compare shipping rates across many carriers.

Our goal is to provide you with the best courier services at the most affordable shipping rates from Delhi to Kolkata. Every day, we work hard to provide our clients with as many delivery alternatives as possible. We make it easy for you to ship with Parceldeck and take advantage of the services that only Parceldeck can provide.