Parceldeck Co

Parceldeck Co

We not only deliver but present it

Specially curated for HRs, Admins, Purchase Managers and anyone who sends parcel frequently in the office


million Deliveries

10000 +


25 +

Courier Partners



How does it Work?

We will not only deliver but present it

Cost Savings

You can save upto 50% cost as compared to your local courier provider

Save time

You don’t have to call anyone to pick your courier. Just place the order and will be there.

Real-time updates

You don’t have to check your tracking number again and again. It’s just a click away.

What can you ship with Parceldeck Co?

Just pack nice and tight. We’ll do the rest.

Letters and documents

You can courier all your letters, documents to your clients, customers and team members.

IT Inventory

You can ship devices and IT inventory to your remote teams or your customers safely and superfast.

Gifts and rewards

Ship gifts and rewards to your team members in appreciation to their hard work.

Onboarding/ welcome kits

Ship your new hires welcome and onboarding kits seamlessly through fast shipping options.

Products and Samples

Ship your prospective customers samples and test products directly from the office or storage unit.

Stationary/ instruments

Ship stationary or instruments to difference office locations and remote employees

Meet our courier partners

20+ courier partners from across the world